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A girl who is about as appealing as an elephant taking a shit while naked. She might be very appealing otherwise, but naked, she is disgusting and probably has a vagina beard.

See also: FUBM, FUBS
Guy 1: Dude I got Brittany to take a nude pic of herself and send it to me last night.
Guy 2: Oh, really?
Guy 1: Yeah, I broke up with her.
Guy 2: Green Vagina?
Guy 1: Green Vagina
by cruisemissleking August 24, 2009
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An vagina that hasn't been shaved ever and has a huge amount of hair. Its like a normal beard if you don't shave it for about a year. Except on a girls vagina.
Guy 1: Dude I saw Brittany naked.
Guy 2: Does she have a vagina beard?
Guy 1: Yeah. Yeah she does.
Guy 2: Ew
by cruisemissleking August 24, 2009
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1. Wiger is used to describe something that follows a white persons example of somn that is used by blacks (lanuage, music, cars, etc.) and looks/sounds like its white.

2. A white kid who acts black.

3. A car so cutomized that you can't tell the make or model and look like it could fall apart. Manily has a loud sound in a muffler and is assosatited with tuner cars
1. "Dude, that music is written by a wiger."
2. "He is such a wiger."
3. "Yo that wiger car is sick!'
by cruisemissleking October 29, 2007
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1. A set of hubcaps or "rims" that are extreamly large (somewhere between 18"-23") and look like they are covered in a fake chrome foil. Commonly assosated with black or wiger people.

2. A set of cheap spinners that are oversized and covered in a fake chrome foil.

3. A set of hubcaps that do not fit on style-wise on the car they are attached to.
"Jesus Christ! Those wiger rims are huge! WTF, they don't fit on the car! Is that guy an idiot?"
by cruisemissleking May 14, 2008
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