20 definition by crowie

flying fuck is a term often used when people are p****d off with each other and are caught up in each others anger
"do you get some sort of sick pleasure from laughing at people ,your a bad person with an ugly heart michelle and i don't give a flying fuck what you think!"
by crowie August 07, 2006

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a boy in the harry potter series with blond hair and a serious attitude problem
draco cried 'harry potter just hit me,u wait till my father hears about this!'
by crowie May 31, 2006

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harry potter, young wizard who defeated a dark wizard at the age of one and who can also be quite forgetful!
'I'm Harry,just Harry'

'your wand harry, your wand'

It seems the famous wizard Harry potter has come to hogwarts'
by crowie June 30, 2006

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jamse potter,father to famous wizard harry potter.unemployed, married a woman named lily and had a kid.
During his school years at Hogwarts he was a damn good seeker!
'i got a new job as a sale assistant ,i'm no james potter!'
by crowie June 30, 2006

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bellatrix lestrange,crazy witch who killed siris black and is likely to take over the throne after tim riddle is dead in book 7.

listen up....tims dead LET'S TEAR THIS PLACE APART!!!!!
bellatrix lestrange just tried to accio the prophecy from harrys hands and didn't even say please she is so mean !
by crowie July 18, 2006

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ginny weasley,younger sister in the weasley family.she is in gryffindor with the harry potter trio but is a year younger.she is girlfriend to harry in the HBP.

person 1 :did you hear?.... ginny weasley is going out with harry potter

person 2:yeah they are like the hottest couple in hogwarts...they'll only last 2 months.
by crowie July 31, 2006

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