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Somebody that looks like everyone else.
Man that girl over there has straight blonde hair, flip-flops, and a pink backpack what a fucking clone.
by cp November 18, 2004
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Also known as CP, collar popping is one of the new trends. CP has been around since 1998 but is just being noticed. Whether its Ralph Lauren Lacoste or even American Eagle, the popping of the collar is sweeping the nation. CP is simple just flip your collar up around your neck, either to keep the sun off your neck, or just to look cool. Pop On!
by cp March 30, 2005
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any small animal that is fun to play with.
where is the chicken monkey?
our chicken monkey is playing with the kids.
by cp January 09, 2004
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Person/People that hangs around someone (usually a hot chick) all the time in an attempt to get a date, number, ITM, etc.
Man look at all those clingers trying to walk that hot chick to class!
by cp November 18, 2004
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When two or more people rush at something like a pair of bums rushing towards a piece of food, carboard box, soap, etc;
When me and my friend see a pretty girl, we bumrush her until she gives up running away.
by cp December 06, 2004
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v. To swipe, plunder, or otherwise take that which one does not have rightful ownership of, yet is not attended to so the crime will most likely go unpunished.
I bitchjacked my friend's seat while he was taking a whiz.

THIS IS NOT HOW ITS USED::: The robber was convicted of bitchjacking a bank's money.
by cp December 10, 2004
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