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A person who talks obsessively about punctuation, grammer, and the proper usage of modifying words. A.K.A. Proofreading Nazi.
After recieving his paper back, Jim realized his teacher was a real VanderVennet.
by cp September 12, 2003
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Somebody that looks like everyone else.
Man that girl over there has straight blonde hair, flip-flops, and a pink backpack what a fucking clone.
by cp November 18, 2004
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v. To hit or tackle hard.

Often used by Stuart Scott on ESPN.
by cp December 1, 2004
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surprisingly, the critics of this who say congress didnt understand it haven't read/understood this document either. they just hear the main gist, and make stupid assumptions, or they just hear what other people say and repeat it without thinking. the patriot act doesnt say it can tap anyone, or get a warrant without any evidence whatsoever, or arrest anyone for no reason at all. It loosens restrictions that have been a big problem in preventing things from actually getting done. it also has a big part of making the way for intelligence agencies to share/give information to the proper departments and agencies in order to be effective for once and stop fucking around.

fact: the terrorist who was planning to knock down/destroy the Brooklyn bridge was arrested thanks to the Patriot Act. He was being tapped, and the word Brooklyn Bridge came up often. Pre-Patriot Act: courts would have asked when is this attack? how is it going to be attacked?...dont know? no warrant. But the information was turned to the NYPD, extra enforcement placed on the bridge, and then wire taps revealed the guy backing off because there was too much heat and security. A raid of his apartment showed shematics and plans on how he planned on destroying the bridge. You would know this if you read a newspaper, watched the news...anything. I hope plenty of you critics who drove across that bridge consider you could have been on that brdige with a terrorist cutting cables, blowing up the beams, or w/e, that wasnt caught with the aid of the Patriot Act. Numerous cells have been captured thanks to the Patriot Act.
Im glad so many of you are ignorant, and yet critical, of the Patriot Act. Because if the Patriot Act did what you say it does, all of you would be arrested for criticizing it. And yet, you're still here.
by cp December 7, 2004
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Also known as CP, collar popping is one of the new trends. CP has been around since 1998 but is just being noticed. Whether its Ralph Lauren Lacoste or even American Eagle, the popping of the collar is sweeping the nation. CP is simple just flip your collar up around your neck, either to keep the sun off your neck, or just to look cool. Pop On!
by cp March 31, 2005
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way of saying you are sucking your teeth when chatting on Instant Messenger.

originated in da caribbean
Nigga A: What up hoe?
Nigga B: Stupes! who da fuck u talkin to nigga!!
by cp October 3, 2004
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n. Term of endearment for the area of the United States that includes much of the former Confederacy; includes southern Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, northern Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, and eastern Texas.
by cp December 1, 2004
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