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- A sweet car
- A sweet Band
I was blaring Chevelle in my Chevelle
by cords April 02, 2005

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A babysitter who does a shitty job at watching the baby.
Beth fell asleep on the couch while the baby sat in a dirty diaper and was crying for hours. What a babyshitter.
by cords December 21, 2011

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when a man lathers his dick up for fresh sex
betty wanted cleaner dry anal sex from mark, so he lathered up his dick and prepared to give her the deoderent stick
by cords April 01, 2005

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A combination of great and amazing.
"These pancakes are gamazing!"
by Cords August 29, 2004

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Your brother, who is also your friend.
This is my brother Joe, but were really more like friends. Just call us briends!
by cords December 22, 2010

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when a man straps a dildo around his waist and begins to penetrate a girl with it
dave couldnt do it himself so he relied on the crazy seatbelt to pleasue his girl
by cords April 01, 2005

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A combination of the words gorgeous and beautiful.
That Carmen Electra is gorgiful!
by cords April 18, 2007

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