when your doing an older woman from behind, pretend like you came, tap her on the shoulder, blow your load in her face, and yell " you just got punked"
When i was doing this milf i decided to pull the "ashton kutcher " on her.
by my name's demi moore June 22, 2006
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the man that all small girls wish to become a pedifile
if the girls in 8 grade had there way ashton kutcher would be in as much trouble as mr jackson
by anonoymous726389 October 21, 2004
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A long-haired hippie who bangs Demi Moore.

Hosts a shitty pop-culture television show called "Punk'd," but infact should host a show called, "Pussy-whip'd," which shows pussy-whipped males get 0wned by non-pussy-whipped males.
Lisa: OMGZOZRZ!!111 PUNK'''D SI ON!111

Intelligent people: Just stfu. We don't want to hear it, bitch.
by Canned Duck December 23, 2003
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man-child that that makes a living pulling childish pranks on celebrities
John: Did you see that immature guy back there acting like a 10 year old?

Bill: Yeah, he's such an Ashton Kutcher
by RockStar08 January 18, 2007
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A low-talent "actor/model" and ladies man that likes MILFs. From... That 70's Show, Punk'd, and crappy movies.
by deez-nillas September 30, 2003
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The most overrated guy in showbiz! Whoever gave him a movie deal needs to die!!, and quick before another one comes out!!!!
person 1: hey lets get that new movie with ashton kutcher!

person 2: STOP!!!! that movie is shit!! Just drop it quick and step away!!!
by Ben Goodwin July 12, 2004
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