A yeshivish articulation of one fully explaining a previously abbreviated sentence
“Seemingly, the Rashba should speak out the pshat!”

“Would the Rosh Yeshiva please speak out?”
by Yeshivishe_Reid December 11, 2022
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Someone who says what he/she thinks
She speaks out about him
by Nuke123345 January 22, 2012
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A weekly friday gather of random thoughts. These thoughts are often jotted down on scratch paper and read aloud by the teacher. This was started by a teacher at Elk Grove High School by the nickname of K -Dogg. This wonderful weekly thing blossomed into a bashing on an infamous nerd who goes by the name of fortman. As of late the bashing has turned to another infamous nerd by the name of BoB, since fortman cosistently cries about these speak out occurences. DJ Jazzy is the one responsible for this abuse. His fellow classmates love his craziness and will hopefully go down in history for his friday speak outs. Some others who assist Dj Jazzy in the bashing include NGP,Lar Lar,The Mick, and the Rodamigo.
"Stay tuned every week for DJ Jazzy's Friday Speak Out!"
by DJ Jazzy Jurewicz May 4, 2005
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Basically saying you going overboard. Or saying things you have no business or knowledge saying. Another way of saying Watch Yourself.
1 : Yo you broke why yo car always breaking down and shit
2 : Stop speaking out yo neck dawg
by bouncethatass44hunnid January 14, 2021
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A game which alows your friends and family to see if you brush your teeth.
If you don't, they'll laugh at you as you try to call a dentist.

You could also swallow someone saliva if the mouthpeices you use are not carefully washed. How fun!
Dude: Yo, you wanna play Speak Out?

Dude 2: Nah bro I'm too sensitive to the mouthpeices.

Dude: You don't brush your teeth do you.

Dude 2: Nah.
by JessicaTheMessica February 14, 2017
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