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the nice lady that takes me to school everyday and kisses me on the cheek because she loves me and doesn't want me to get hurt on the playground
My mommy loves me very much
by compact asian March 14, 2004

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What you tell someone when they have successfully completed a task. If you have a puzzle you are trying to put together, and you finally finish it, you may be told to figure it out.
I had just solved the problem when Lil' Tone jumped in and said 'figure it out'!
by compact asian June 23, 2004

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One of Morris Day and The Time's hits from 1984. Better than Jungle Love.

"We're all ice cream castles in the summertime.
Ice cream castles in the summertime.
We're all ice cream castles in the sun.
Ice cream castles when we fall.
Ice cream castles in the summertime.
Summertime, summertime, summertime."
I just got home from working third shift and my brother put 'Ice Cream Castle' on repeat until I passed out on the floor.
by compact asian November 21, 2004

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Usually performed during a blowjob, the act of ejaculating on a girls' chin, creating the appearance of a goatee.
I went over to Ashley's house last night and gave her a spermtee.
by compact asian October 12, 2008

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When a real-world news article gets reworded and obliterated by someone's personal opinions and bias, then the article is picked back up by another news source, thus, spreading misinformation, or severely tainted information, to the masses. Could also be viewed as a digital version of the childrens' game known as telephone.
Joe: Hey, did you see this article about the clown that drove his car into a swimming pool? The article says he was on drugs.

Mike: Yeah, I saw the article earlier on a more reliable news website and the clown actually had a medical condition and it was purely an accident, no drugs were involved. Sounds like you got the bloggerated version.

Joe: Oh. I hate that.
by compact asian April 25, 2010

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