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The act of sucking semen from any human orafice, eg. anus, vagina, it can be done with a drinking straw when semen is deep inside the rectum.
Horace had enjoyed his anal intercourse session with Bertie so much, that he decided to felch his own semen from Berties anus.
by Clinton Sounds January 30, 2004

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The act of inserting ones fist into either a vagina or rectum. It requires patience and excessive lubrication. It is a popular practise among gay men.
Walter and Bertie decided that this evening they would take turns in fisting Horace.
by Clinton Sounds January 30, 2004

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This (usually) being a male of any age who sniffs the used and soiled panties of a girl, lady or woman. The stained panties of women have a wide variety of smells and tastes, ranging from urine stains, vaginal juice stains, menstrual blood stains, vaginal mucus stains to feces stains. The odour of the stain(s) can be highly arousing to the sniffer and masturbation is often conducted in a highly aroused state, almost beyond the sexual highs of regular sexual contact. This 'high' is due to an additional adrenalin release because of the 'guilt' factor of solitary masturbation with a fetish object. Regular panty sniffers often become so obsessed with the act, that they will go to extraordinary lengths to obtain used women panties. The ultimate goal is often used schoolgirl panties; which have a slightly fishy odour and are often heavily stained with young vaginal juices. Some sniffers prefer the more mature lady's panties which have a higher mucus content and that zinc pink odour and taste, mixed with a few drops of stale urine. Then there is the more perverse individual who seeks for evidence of feces or stools staining.
Desmond, went to the bathroom immediately after his cousin Sarah had showered and locked the door. There on the floor were her panties and night shirt tossed in the corner. Little did Sarah know that he masturbated furiously each morning with her panties over his head. To him, those panties were worth more than solid gold.
by clinton sounds April 10, 2005

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To receive the contents of the bowels of another person for sexual gratification. Such practise is common amongst members of the bdsm community.
Sandra straddled David above his face and neck, relaxed her anal sphincter muscles and proceeded to evacuate her bowels. David moaned with pleasure as her watery stools invaded his nose and mouth. He had noticed in her sex-contact magazine advertisment that she enjoyed yellow and brown.
by Clinton Sounds February 01, 2004

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A brownish yellow foul smelling substance emitted from the rectum of a human individual. Feces can be called stools and they can be hard or soft or watery. Medical opinion names these on a scale of one to ten. One being hard, ten being watery.

Feces are often sought after by coprogenics these being people who are sexually aroused by feces.

Coprogenics should not be confused with Coprophilia which is a deep love for feces, which might involve the smearing or storage or loving attention being given to feces.

Coprogenics is essentially the eating of feces and digestion of human feces, often seen by mentally subnormal, or else their close relative 'the genius'. W.A. Mozart was a feces eater, it eventually killed him in this thirties.

Eating feces is not uncommon and it is estimated that 1% of humans have indulged in this activity. Recent studies show that Danish, Japanese and Philippine nationals indulge in this activity, secretly, asian women particularly seem to enjoy eating feces although this is only 1.6% of the population.
Niroko my Japanese girlfriend was a secret coprogenic lady, I realised this when she asked me to defacate into her mouth, which I did and I was repulsed when I saw her swallow my soft brown load. Her face exhibited a joyous satisfied expression.
by Clinton Sounds March 28, 2005

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The area of the lower bowel where feces is stored by the body prior to defacation. It lies two inches back from the anal canal and is the source of sexual pleasure for many people. anal sex, dildo and other sex toys are inserted into the rectum to provide sexual stimulation and pleasure.

Fisting is an activity where a human fist is inserted into the rectum. Enema is another form of rectum stimulation.

There are an estimated 280,000 objects removed surgically from individuals rectums worldwide, per year. The most common being a vibrating mobile phone.

Men particularly are quick to deny rectum stimulation, however the prostate gland (the male G spot) is easily stimulated by use of a rectal dildo or porator.

It is estimated that each day 20,000 litres of semen is ejaculated into male and female rectums. It is therefore accepted by the medical community that the rectum is a sexual organ per se, accepted as such since 1998.

Cancer of the rectum is the most rapidly increasing cancer in male and females aged 45-65, thought to be the result of poor diet. Rectal cancer is not caused by sexual activity, however it must be stressed that anal cancer is on the increase due to anal intercourse and the sexual wart virus.

The insertion of objects into the rectum must be approached with caution. A snooker ball and/or microwaved lemons, although pleasurable to insert, can in fact be difficult to expel from the rectum.
Bertie inserted a large thick cucumber into Horace's rectum, plunged it forwards and backwards until Horace's prostate gland became stimulated and Bertie observed Horace's white semen dripping from his limp penis due to the stimulating effect.
by Clinton Sounds March 28, 2005

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This being the male G Spot: it is a small gland the size of a Brussel sprout that sits inside the rectum upon the urethra. When stimulated, either by finger, penis or dildo, it causes a dry orgasm; that is an orgasm without erection, or penile stimulation.
Sandra, with her three fingers inserted into Bruces's anus just touched the prostate gland. She watched as he ejaculated his semen onto the bed sheets. It was then she realised that the male prostate gland was indeed a male sexual organ.
by clinton sounds April 11, 2005

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