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the sex offender shuffle is what you have to when you have been accused of sex offenses. you have to spend weeks in the sex offender cell where you have to write what you have done wrong and you have to sing it in the weekly "sex offender shuffle song" where you get 6-8 sex offenders to sing there lyrics
keith: that blokes been arrested for sex offenses
gregory: that means he has to do the sex offender shuffle
by chimpg December 17, 2017

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Supralugia is a person that likes to be dumb, he's not necessary dumb but he likes to be dumb and not know anything.
Man i wish charlie wasnt such a supralugia
by chimpg October 21, 2017

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Some dumb shit that Jake Paul in his song
and i just dropped some new merch, and its selling like a godchurch
by chimpg November 07, 2017

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when you want to be a real idiot and say outspeeded instead of outsped
alpaca: outspeeded is not a word chimp
chimp: fuck off alpaca
by chimpg November 09, 2017

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