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Sloane Central, located in a picturesque valley. Only the best go there. Daddy will buy u wat u want...Just think of the fun you could have @ an all girls Sacred Heart Catholic boarding school with Ann Summers just next door' Bloody Sexy too
Its literally actually basically the best place to be
by Chief December 24, 2003
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6 foot 3 and 15 stone of muscle, England international and Liverpool striker, yet can't win a header and always falls over when shortarse full-backs go near him.
"Heskey's lost the header to a 5 foot defender and has fallen over!"
by Chief December 09, 2003
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A guy with so many skills he is often the object of desire of so many women.
Coach is a pimpasauras, after he tagged all the hoes in one side of the building, he moved on to the next building.
by Chief August 24, 2004
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a very good phrase for describing a very dirty person.
what a sludge rabbit
why don't sludge rabbits shower
by Chief January 14, 2004
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The guy with all the game. He can pull hoes at will.
After nailing all those chicks, Dave was voted the best pimpasuruas of all time.
by Chief August 22, 2004
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The niguh that will fuck up whoever wrote this shit that is to gay to put their name
by CHIEF March 14, 2003
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Past/present tense of "to blow."
If I had to ride a bicycle with no seat it would blewn.
by chief March 08, 2005
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