31 definitions by Cheese

regarding to the members of a certain group feared and loved my all; pretaining to coot,pooter,peanut,dit,oats,jew
"goddamn did you see what they did those guy are remplois"- amazed crowd
by Cheese June 07, 2004
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Unlike the missionary, this on is a little better, where the guy lays down and the chick lays down on top.
by Cheese November 15, 2003
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club/group/gang originated from BS. members focused their time on performing unwanted public affection and stalking innocent others.
petachu is a discriminating club
by Cheese January 21, 2004
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Probably one of the most overused and boring positions ever. the chicks lays on her back, and the guy gets on top. Nothing special.
by Cheese November 15, 2003
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