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Stratford Mall

Bethnal Green & Mile End

Anywhere with a E postcode eg E15 E2 E9 (fucking eastside ghettos)
Man I feel wrut

My phone is wrutted

This place is fucking wrut

That guy looks proper wrut
by cheefee January 2, 2004
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Kapz from da Stratford Massive

Him accelerate towards de batty double time!

Kapz luvs da Batty
by cheefee January 2, 2004
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someone with proper wrut deformed hands eg Kapz from da Stratford Massive.

A person who cannot do the most meanial of tasks properley coz dere fingers are joined together like a web
Fucking hell cant you do nuttin right you clubhanded fool.

Boy you got clubhand
by cheefee January 3, 2004
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A blud who got mash up foot, like those peeps you see with a proper big sole and heel on there shoe like a platform and ting and the other shoe be like a normal shoe, and they walk around like a hunchback
Kaps (Marco) Stratford Massive
by cheefee January 3, 2004
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High profile pimp, from da tootz, running sum yank tank on da hydros with da white walls and da 21s.

Proper loose bre, wid da MACH 10 running round da SM2 postcode like a ghetto lord, rousing dem seeds up off da Benhill and ting.

Blud buns 2 hard in da martell blend bong.

Luvs da Sovreign and Mayfair smokes!!
Wots gwoning Shady

'as you got me 9 bar Shady?

Wot be ya next stunt den Shady?

Who u pimping out now Shady?

Wot u pushing now Shady?

Shady from da Tootz
by cheefee January 3, 2004
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The whole of EAST london, especially the dwellers of this vile part of london, If you ever have the misfortune of visiting the stratford mall you will understand!! Its like a ghetto, along with the animals who inhabit the place.
This shithole is due to have a international rail terminal complete within the next few years, people are going to come here thinking its a heavy place and ting and there gonna be greeted with this scratty shopping centre and the apes that live dere
What gwonin wid dis place it be scratty

Dem peeps be proper scratty

by cheefee January 2, 2004
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Some proper clubfoot yetti dat can be found wrutting around Stratford.

Him go jam dat p800 n p900 (p1batty!) up his battypipe on vibrate 4 wot him call da HEAVY THRILL n ting.

He drink da meths,turps,surgical spirit, special brew n tennents super

He be a tru HAIRMUNGAH his hair be a fire & health hazzard.

Him smoke da Horseshit in what he calls a heavy blend.
by cheefee January 28, 2004
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