An area in the East End of London, located in the borough of Tower Hamlets, with the post code E2.

A lively area with many sub-continental shops such as Bangladeshi fruit and Veg shops, Saree and Indian Gold Shops, along with the traditional British Market Stalls.

The area is predominantly full of Bangladeshi people, making up 45% of the local areas population, whilst white poeple have a 38% population.

What was once a hub for the National Front, who used to terrorise the local Bangladeshi's (even killing one: Altab Ali), has now become an ugly battlefield for young Asian Youths.

Gangs such as Turin Street Massive, White Flatz, Shoreditch Massive, Green Bangerz and Fellows Court all roam the streets in this relatively small geographical area.

In the last couple of years, crime has been on the increase such as racial assualts, mugging people, teenage stabbings, turf war, priests getting attacked and even 2 murders!

In Tower Hamlets, Bethnal Green accounts for most of the boroughs crime. It has now eclipsed the former notorious gang "Brick Lane Massive".

Altogether, when these gangs combine they are known as "€2 Cartel......we got it on lock". These gangs have been very deadly, having brutal gang warefare in North London, especially Hollaway Road and in South London with the Peel Dem Crew (PDC)
Bethnal Greenz ..... Heroine City get me
by Forid Ahmed February 5, 2009
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