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A best friend and beyond is more than just a best friend with benefits. It's beyond love, beyond sex, beyond a soul connection and beyond best friends!

A best friend and beyond is loyal and you have the commitment of being monogamous! It is a non traditional relationship with a twist of traditional!

A best friend and beyond always has your back and you don't pick a best friend and beyond lightly! It can't be just anybody that can be your best friend and beyond, so be on the alert!

It surpasses any non traditional relationship you've ever experienced or heard about!

It is The EPITOME of relationships!

This type of relationship demands loyalty, faithfulness, respect, commitment, honesty, communication and trust! This relationship is only for the hard core loyal people out there not for fakes and snakes.

You won't regret having a best friend and beyond!
"Stephen is my best friend and beyond!"
by cheLLe1963 August 29, 2020

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Pronounced "Braks tun"

One of the sweetest angels to ever be born! He is strong in faith and in might and in mind!
He has an impeccable character and he's loved and well appreciated and respected by his peers, his family and his friends.

He is smart, funny, loveable, quiet, sweet, handsome, manly, sensitive and loyal! He "says what he means and means what he says" and his word means everything to him.

He is an amazing partner in a relationship and doesn't cheat and is extremely giving and loving to his partner.

He loves his family especially his mom and his grandma! He many be spoiled but he's for real and not spoiled in a bad way!

He has good character and integrity!
"Ask Braxton, he would know the answer!"
by cheLLe1963 September 19, 2020

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Billy is an older man who is overly assertive, along with being loud and obnoxious towards people that he doesn't like or that are weak EMOTIONALLY in some area. He focuses on that or those weaknesses and attacks them verbally. He is a big bully and in his mind, he does no wrong.

Billy does have a huge heart and often helps a multitude of people, in one way or the other!

He is attentive to his wife and he goes above and beyond for her in any serious situation! He knows where his bread is buttered! He's learning how to be a good dad for an adult daughter!

He loves his dogs, his fur babies! They are with him every waking moment, even goes to sleep with him and his better half!

He's a hard worker and he has a fierce determination inside of him that doesn't allow him to give up!
"Yo, Billy, can you please stop back by here after you leave the store?"
by cheLLe1963 August 29, 2020

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Kennodie is a good looking young man that has amazing personality attributes coming out all around him! He's insightful, unique, sexy, sweet, sensitive, loyal and respectful! His character is one of the most amazing I've seen, especially in a youngster.

Kennodie loves his parents and they are truly blessed (and they know it) to have Kennodie as their only son! Kennodie is a massive hard worker that remains calm in most situations.

Kennodie would do anything for his true friends because he is a real true blue friend as well. He's loyal to the end! He is very popular with his peers and within his family circle.

Kennodie has a sweet spirit but don't let that fool you because of you come at anyone in his friends and family circle to hurry one of them, he's a bull when it comes to protecting his friends, family and girlfriend! He is also very strong minded and strong physically!

If you are graced with a Kennodie in your life, keep him because he's a keeper.
"Hey, my best friend Kennodie knows exactly what you're talking about!"
by cheLLe1963 April 26, 2021

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If you are a man and someone says you're pussy-whooped then you take that as a put down! BUT A REAL MAN wouldn't take it that way! A real man would day, "Hell yeah I damn sure am pussy-whooped!

It doesn't mean like you're significant other is "running you" or being controlling - no, not by any means! It simply means that she puts the pussy to you so fu*king awesome that hell yeah you keep her happy, so in turn you stay happy! She's dick-whooped just as you are pussy-whooped! There's no shame in being under the influence of either! You both are simply keeping one another happy, especially sexually, and enjoying the hell out of it!

Haters are going to hate on you both but it's because they don't have it like that, that's all that is, so you guys do what you do to each other that keeps your relationship amazing and close!

So, stop allowing people to give you false information and pushing their definitions of what some words or phrases mean to them as truth and go to the Urban Dictionary and find out the true meaning!
"Hell yeah dude, make fun if you want but I'm damn sure pussy-whooped by my girl and I'm proud of it!"
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by cheLLe1963 February 07, 2021

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Dc is shortened from his given name Dennis Charles but would prefer to be called Dc. He's a younger guy who hasn't learned a lot about life yet.

He has a growing variety of friends because he feels that everyone thinks with the same heart he does and he's learning that they do not.

In a relationship he's not the dominating force. He doesn't see that it's not all about him yet because he's more worried about his own pleasure!

He's a brand new dad to his baby girl and the sun rises and sets on her!

Dc is smart in math and science but when it comes to lifes challenges, not so much until he learns it!

All around Dc is a good dude and for the most part his friends love him!
"Mary, keep Dc home tonight so can come visit you both!"
by cheLLe1963 September 06, 2020

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Baron is a simple yet complex person in your life. He's got the biggest heart but tends to withhold it from others until he sees that you are a for real person and can be trusted! He's a private guy but he's there for his friends that are like family to him, when they call on him.

He's a good, faithful and a truly loyal young man and would be a catch for any young woman who is real and does not play games.

He loves animals and he's got the heart and the passion of a poet!

He doesn't open up with many people bc he's been hurt before but once he does open up to you, y'all are family, period - bc he trusts you and that doesn't come easy for him!

Baron is the guy to have around!
"Call Baron, he's the only one that knows what to do!"
by cheLLe1963 April 27, 2021

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