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From "poseur." This usually refers to someone who attempts to be part of a clique punk, skater, goth, etc. - never preppy, but out of a desire to be recognized as a member of that clique rather than sincerity. Of late, however, the word has been overused; any newcomer is now generally considered a "poser," regardless of motive.
This word is especially popular in rambling, misspelled sessions on AIM.
1. "Look at him - he dresses in black and says he's a goth, but he's never even read Edgar Allan Poe. What a poser."
2. "omg u r not punk u preppy POSER!!!!!!!1!!!"
by Charon May 21, 2003

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An extremely negative Japanese term, referring to a shut-in or someone with no social life. It also implies that the person's entire life is molded around fictional characters (usually anime and manga).
In America, the term has been embraced by anime fans, who (as they do with many Japanese words), use the word incorrectly as a positive term for fanboy/girl.
1. "God, that kid is such an otaku. He won't leave the basement unless it's to buy new Dragon Ball fansubs."
2. "I, like, so totally love Sailor Moon! Serena rawks! I am, like, the ultimate Sailor Moon otaku!"
by Charon May 21, 2003

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To take a large 8" to 10" solid shit and carefully place it into the freezer. Once frozen solid, the turd is used as a dildo.
It melted slowly as she was given the russian torpedo
by Charon December 09, 2005

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In fan communities, the pairing of two male characters as sexual partners (feminine equivalent: femmeslash). The term does not refer to male characters who are homosexual and involved with another male character in canon.
Slash refers to any non-canon male/male pairing. Its most popular subgroup, yaoi, refers specifically to such pairings in anime and manga fandom.
Inexplicably popular, especially on the Internet, especially among teenage girls.
"Ohmigod, I just found, like, the best slash fanfic ever! Harry/Draco AND Sirius/Remus!"
by Charon May 21, 2003

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A small cheap/inexpensive car such as a Honda Civic with a huge spoiler on the back.
I could just grab the back of that Civic and mow my lawn with it.
by Charon October 13, 2004

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The boatman of the river Styx, aka the Grim Reaper.

Aka Death, genius.
Charon tried to rip my soul out of my physical body today with his scythe. I told him to fuck off and kicked him in the balls.
by Charon January 27, 2005

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When one places their hands together palm to palm fingers pointing out then plunges them into anothers ass crack and wiggles them around side to side like a minow swimming
He dove in for the minow fingers first.
by Charon April 01, 2004

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