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1) adjective: unhappy, miserable.
2) adverb: describing an action as being really unfair or uncalled for and totally and utterly pathetic.
1) I was sad when my fish died.

2) Dumping someone by sms text message is just sad.
by charlottem1 July 16, 2005

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noun: derogatory, from the words fucking retarded (Anglo Saxon). - Someone who creates unneccessary chaos and havoc and just does not care how many people they hurt and kill, only about how much power and money they have
hitler, stalin, george w. bush
by charlottem1 July 16, 2005

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a really dumb word used by rappers who want to brainwash us into thinking they are cool. The intended meaning of this spelling is "hot" or "cool". It's a lame word meant to complement. Used to describe cars, chicks, clothes, how your night out was - THE DAMN WORD KEEPS SPREADING
look at that phat chick --- at which point i'd turn around and kick his ass for daring to call me fat
by charlottem1 July 17, 2005

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adjective. from the french miserable. used to describe a sad, lonely, loser person who has no friends, and even thier dog ran away because they are such a reject.
George 'dubya' Bush is miserable - even a five year old has a higher IQ.

Other miserable people include Suddam Hussain, Osama Bin Laden, child molesters, and Hitler.

Also see sad
by charlottem1 July 16, 2005

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