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5 definitions by chadastrophic

Cratlican, n. - Like the Licancrat, the Cratlican is also born from an un-holy marriage of a republican and democrat engaging in wild fornication. The Cratlican often shows a good side of themselves, while secretly behind the scenes saying un-popular catch phrases like 'grab em in the ****'.... Its been said, the US President in 2017 is a Licancrat, which is a close cousin of the Cratlican, which are also known to eat their own young, with a side of chianti and fava beans.
The Cratlican party announced today that they were extremely offended, while at the same time demanding that you buy one of their red meshed hats while saying put the money in the basket, over and over til you conform.
by chadastrophic December 13, 2017
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is code for "you will vomit", usually by 4am
Oh my god, I knew she would "hard seltzer" after that many vodka sodas in a can...
by chadastrophic March 29, 2019
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Horngry is how you feel after seeing tasty foods and beverages that depict adult over-tones and delicious food in a combined creation.
I am horngry as hell after watching those stuffed cheese vagina chicken breast videos on the internets....
by chadastrophic March 30, 2019
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Body Locking is the act of hooking up and cuddling without having sex with someone.
Jane meets Joe at a bar, the chemistry heats up and they end up in bed together after the bar closes. As the night progresses they stop short of having sex and instead elaborate on the many paradigms of body locking.
by chadastrophic July 13, 2009
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The combination of the commonly used expression "rabbit hole" with the expression "to shave a yak".
Our Scrum Master on our recent sprint really knows how to make "yak rabbit" soup, he carried on and on about that one component in the build until it seemed like we were trying to invent cold fusion technology coupled with loss-less solar energy technology but found no definitive solution or end goal in sight.
by chadastrophic April 6, 2016
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