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when you so hungry - you're angry
i'm so freakin' hangry i could punch someone if i don't get a grilled cheese sandwich immediately!!!
by chachachavez April 20, 2009

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a supposedly good idea thought up while under the influence of marijuana but quickly forgotten due to being under the influence of marijuana
Peter and David came up with the best idea ever last night while playing guitar and smoking weed but neither can remember what it was, alas it was only just a pot thought.
by chachachavez January 16, 2010

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Sharing something deeply personal through social networking that really should have been reserved for one's therapy session.
Michael posted the gritty details of his girlfriend's infidelities to his 597 Facebook friends (which no one needed to hear)....total sharepy.
by chachachavez May 12, 2011

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the jolly red's are a sign of a life well lived and enjoyed but show on one's face by having a beet red nose and cheeks
oh, that's my uncle david...he's got a mean case of the jolly red's. he's been drinkin' his whole life but is still such a happy good old man!
by chachachavez September 22, 2010

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a demure man/boy who is tiger in bed!
... like a small dog who you think is super sweet but attacks and bites without more than a scratch on the belly
Dang..your best friend, Josh, is a SECRET BITER....he SLAYED me in bed last night after closing time....I thought he was just a nice bus boy who recently got out of college! I haven't seen moves like THAT since I slept with that singer last month!
by chachachavez September 22, 2010

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