4 definitions by cesar romero

a cocksman who lets out a rip at the urinal while pissing
think from the movie 'along came polly' the scene where ben stiller and his boss in the movie are in the urinal and he farts while pissing, hence the term farting cocksman
by cesar romero May 20, 2010
A piece of shit that is painful and holding back true calamity that needs to be released.
Man i have a locke that just aint going away, tis painful.
by cesar romero August 1, 2009
a boy with a can do no care for others attitude. Has no reference to his penis size and therefore is imaginatively endowed.
that cocksboy is really stirring things up, johnson.
by cesar romero March 19, 2010
Kind of like a cocksman, but the fartsman doesnt give a flying eff about what others think about his farts, in which he excells by which sound is excellent as well as smell.
that fartsman was quite a talented farter he managed to scare that cocksman away with one egg.
by cesar romero March 31, 2010