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Spin off of Booker T. Washington, it is a clever play on history sounds like his name but in reality it enables you to call anyone you want a hooker but being a hooker t washington is so much more than just a hooker you must also be addicted to crack and willing to do anything and I mean anything to get it lol also you must be willing to give blow jobs for under a dollar.
Me: Whats up Hooker T. Washington?
Your Mom: What?
Me: You know your just a hooker
Your Mom: I guess your right
Me: Lets make out
Your Mom: No
Me:I have 12 cents and some crack
Your Mom: I would have done it for 5 and half that amount of crack
Me: Sweet
by cdawg91 November 3, 2010
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Pretty decent guy if you got to know him, dude would give you the shirt off his back (well as long as you weren't Jewish). Adolf loved his dogs and wife often times he around the holidays the family could be seen caroling and preforming other festive activities around Auschwitz day camp for the Jewish. unfortunately his plans for renovations to turn the camp to a water park were canceled due to his death to bad there would have been some sweet rides there.
Adolf Hitler's awesome paintings and warm hearted laugh are unforgotten and often over shadowed by his questionable activities
by cdawg91 October 5, 2009
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The man, Adolf got so much poon in the concentration camps its not even funny he would tell the hot jew chicks that if they participated in his pornos they would be set free and after the videos were done he would personally cap there asses. He had plans to create the internet and start the first site up called nazionjew.com until his wife found all the porn on his external hard drive and deleted al the sweet footage. Many believe that he killed him self because he was going to lose the war but the real reason was he was so upset about losing his porn stash he just killed him self. Also Hitler was known to install slip and slides in the concentration day camps on hot days man that must have been some fun.
Adolf Hitler- Hey jew you want some nazi cock?
Jew- No i'm married and have kids

Adolf Hitler ill set you free if you let me fuck you and video tape it while your son watches
Jew- done
by cdawg91 September 22, 2010
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He’s a cum man so if you cum on him you’re doing him a favor
by cdawg91 February 22, 2021
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The act of army crawling through some cum, this can be done naked or clothed, with your cum or someone else’s. An ideal cum snail will have their tounge scraping against the floor as to injest as much of the cum as possible.
I can’t believe that Leroy abused his little cousin Adeins trust and tricked him into becoming his personal cum snail!
by cdawg91 April 5, 2019
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ill ass song made by Bigie smalls towards Tupac this song is insane
the song who shot ya is awesome and chris rivera is gay
by cdawg91 January 21, 2009
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