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A term used to describe any of your finer gentlemen's clubs found on the east side of St. Louis. These strip clubs can primarily be found in Sauget and Washington Park.
What are you doing tonight? I am going over to the East Side to the Sauget Ballet to see some titties.
by cbag November 22, 2007

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An overly tanned annoying stereotypical cell phone salesman you see at most mall kiosks that look like one of the Gotti boys. Flavor savors, popped collars, and obnoxious jewelry are all requirements.
That guy is such a cell phone Guido, he was the most annoying salesman I ever came across. He didn't understand I didn't want the cell phone insurance plan.
by cbag November 08, 2007

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The act of stealing a senior citizen or handicap persons rascal scooter.
Clark was arrested last Saturday for rascal jacking that poor old women's scooter at bingo. Now she can't run over anyone at the supermarket.
by Cbag March 22, 2007

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When someone from the inner city is too lazy to get out of the car and knock on the front door of a house they honk their horn.
Tyrone rang the urban doorbell on his Escalade when he came to pick me up the other night.
by cbag November 08, 2007

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A child molester that only goes after fat kids.
Dwayne was caught on the show "To Catch a Predator" trying to solicit a 300 pound 15 year old boy. That chub chester always liked the fat kids.
by cbag February 04, 2008

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