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Slang that heroin addicts use for a small square of foil with a piece of heroin on it that has not been smoked off of yet.
Coley: Can you hand me that tray?
TJ: Hahah, uhmm, I already smoked it all.
by Cassandra Q October 19, 2011

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To succeed at whatever you are trying to succeed at (school, work, tennis, etc.) Usually refering to making more money or doing better. This term derives from the theme song by Jeff Barry and Ja'net Dubois from the show The Jeffersons (1975-1985)
Amber: Hey, Ryan, are you still a broke scrub?
Ryan: Well, I got a job at this ghetto cafe.
Amber: Wow, congrats! Movin on up!
by Cassandra Q September 03, 2010

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Slang for powder heroin (vs. chunk or tar)
Matias: The bros and I are gonna get some gunpowder this weekend.

Cassandra: Oh, you're getting a gun?

Matias: Hell no! I don't believe in violence. I just can't afford oxys anymore.
by Cassandra Q October 19, 2011

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a male who at first, seems like a loser, never cuts his hair, wears weird clothes, and seems like he's trying to 'find himself'. and then not that later in life, maybe after high school, decides to cut his hair and start wearing normal clothes but still has his individual mentality, and is really awesome and basicly the perfect guy.
girl: "damn boy you are fine... and super funny... and super nice... what's good?"

boy: "uhm you don't remember me? we went to high school together. you hated me and used to make fun of me and say i was fugly."

girl: "damn... you were a fugly duckling... and now you are a fine ass swan... i fucked up..."
by Cassandra Q October 24, 2009

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a slang word. to be bubbly is to see clearer or in hi-def, and/or to not be pretty-minded. drinking alcohol does not help to make you bubbly. hunger, calorie-purgers, and increasting your heart rate, are all things that make you more bubbly.
Tally: Shay, what's wrong with you? You don't seem so bubbly today. Were you drunk last night?

Shay: Are you serious?! Tally-wa, Skinny, hun, I haven't been drinking for over a month, now! Sorry if I'm still pretty-minded! I haven't been cured yet because you are so selfish and gave Zane the cure instead of me! I'm gonna go get some calorie purgers! Oh, before I forget, isn't this new tattoo so pretty-making?!
by Cassandra Q December 13, 2007

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The meal you have with your friends after a long fun night. This meal usually occurs anywhere between midnight - 7am. It occurs at any 24hour actual sit down restaurant that does not have drive through. Usually Sharis, Dennys, Beths Cafe, or 13 Coins. Occassionally it happens at home after a long trip to any 24hour grocery store.
Samuel: I really really need filet mignon.

Bobby: It's 4 in the morning, Sammy, really??

Samuel: It's called Deckfest, and we can go get it at 13 coins. Let's go.
by Cassandra Q February 26, 2010

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can be a woman`s flappy labia, but can also be breasts.
example 1:
mike: omg! last night i was going to have sex with katie! but she has some nasty ass flappers!
cody: that is disgusting. don`t tell me about her stinky crotch.

example 2:
ryan: your girlfriend has NO flappers! she is such a no-flapper beast!
by cassandra q March 12, 2007

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