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genre of music. in reference to artists that you could envision playing on the front porch as opposed to their garage or a smoky bar. involving acoustic guitar, perhaps banjo, or slide guitar and vocals.

not hard enough to be hardcore, not pornographic enough to be considered softcore....

*please do not confuse porchcore with country music.
Jack Johnson's music is porchcore.
by carolinagirl September 15, 2007

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Thanks. Short for "Appreciate it".
Hey, I'm too drunk to drive, can you come get me? Prec'.
by carolinagirl August 27, 2007

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A deeply Southern reference to an unusual flavor; if the taste is not sweet, not sour, not tart, or even bitter on one's palate, it is definitely whangy.
"Wow! That apple pie is a little whangy!"
by CarolinaGirl January 10, 2015

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