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abbreviated form of appreciate; used instead of thanks or thank you
pronounced preesh
Hostess: I sat that table for you.
Server: Prec!
by dotlc1028 November 05, 2007
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When a reply to a tweet gets more likes than the tweet it was replying to, usually indicating the unpopularity or stupidity of the original tweet
Damn you got 12 likes and his reply got 271 likes? He totally ratioed you bro
by FF29 July 06, 2020
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Thanks. Short for "Appreciate it".
Hey, I'm too drunk to drive, can you come get me? Prec'.
by carolinagirl August 27, 2007
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Describes the time period before the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Man, I miss the old days.”

“Yeah Pre-C was dope. Didn’t know what we had.”
by ezOak September 21, 2020
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This indicates time before the Corona virus - Pre- C. It was not the best time, but it was much better than the present.
Ashley:" I really wanted to go to spend the night sharing my experiences with my followers! I'm so upset!!!"
Homeless guy: "Shut up!! You're still livin' Pre - C, baby. Those days are over....!!!"
by von groovy March 20, 2020
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The Before Times” takes too long to say.

Pre-C” stands for “previous to the coronavirus” or “before the coronavirus” or “pre-coronavirus” depending on who you ask.

Think, 2010’s era action movie...

Can you hear Bruce Willis’ voice saying “I was a carpenter... pre-C and then everything was taken from me” just before he gets on a motorcycle?!

coined by @strikeslipmusic aka Daniel. make me famous pls, also I love you, and I hope you’re staying safe.
Pre-C I was a bartender... I loved talking to my regulars.

Hey remember pre-C when celebrities were relevant?

The final days of the US being a superpower we’re pre-C, and then China and Russia took over.
by strikeslipmusic May 12, 2020
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