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Australian Slang, (noun) A person that is totally lacking in fashion sense, motor skills and/or social skills. Usually a total moron, an extremely unpleasant person or an unwanted guest.
Sometimes: A likeable idiot or Bogan (especially in Queensland)
1. No wonder he can't get a girlfriend, he is such a gronk!
2. Why would you "steal my car for the weekend," you gronk!
by Carbona_Not_Glue September 01, 2009

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Designated driver
Let's go the pub, I'll be Des
by carbona_not_glue December 08, 2012

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A phrase used on a night out when a friend has pulled an ugly girl (a dog)
Dave: alright lads, this is Sheila

Dave's mates: Dave's taking the lead
by carbona_not_glue September 05, 2012

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Really cold but not quite freezing
It's fridging turn the heating on
by carbona_not_glue October 17, 2012

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