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a girl that looks like she lost her left tit always looking around for money. She has to stop in the middle of dressing to monkey dance around men for her own survival because she thinks that is the way to survive..
The female stripper just gave me a lap dance and I liked it, but I don't want my husband to see because I don't think he could handle it.

The female stripper showed me how to whip my hair up really good for my performances at home.
by cammybuns June 17, 2010
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Dead beat smell like shit nipples on a man that raped a hellpless woman.

Tits on a man possessed by satanic slavery.

Nipplrd on a dead beat bastardo as he will try to cover them in a cotton shirt, but still smells like shit. He is obsessed with women's nipples because he none since they are just shit. Will try to make them women's nipples imitate his which dead beated shitted tits.

Horrible unhealthy tits on a male.
Chris caressed his shittertits and told me to suck on them.

I told Chris I wasn't going to suck on his shittertits and he told me to go to hell and then raped me.
by cammybuns June 17, 2010
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