A parent or someone who calls themself a parent who does nothing for their children/child, yet calls themself the childs parent.
June is a dead beat parent and always will be.
by dadkjfa August 19, 2010
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A sorry ass man who won`t step up to the plate and be a daddy!
Is Tyrone paying child support for his baby?

You know his dead beat ass ain`t paying shit!
by Breanna June 14, 2006
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A deadbeat mother is a woman who puts herself ahead of the needs of her children. A woman who thinks because she has a vagina doesnt have to pay childsupport, or do anything the court demands her to do. They most likey suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder. They also do not understand there is a big diffrence between an actual mother, and a biological mother.
She is such a dead beat mother for not paying her childsupport.
by ALV-T83 February 29, 2012
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A dead beat mother is a bitch who puts her own selfish needs before her children. A bitch that will make sure that she's groomed, but doesn't care about the appearance of her kids. A bitch who claims to do it all on her own but secretly has her baby daddy on child support. A bitch who is more concerned about the next MF instead of making sure her kids are taken care of. A bitch who will down talk a woman who makes her children her first priority while she could give two fucks about the ones she gave birth to.
She thinks she's mother of the year, but the world knows she's truly a dead beat mother.
by Fuxxxxxxkyou April 7, 2016
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Some one who doesnt pay child support for her kid, but continues to have more kids, all with different dads. She is usually a cold harted bitch who cares more about her ex than the child she had with him.
This woman will abandon her child and then tell the world "my baby means the world to me.."
She will never call her kid even though it cost nothing and she only has to call him once a week on wednesday nights.
She will likely become obsessed with your new wife, for this we have no understanding of why! If she ever comes back to visit she will tell everyone including your kid that shes pregnant agian, and then go home to have an abortion.... she is worthless just like a PENNY!!!!!!!!!!!
Dead beat moms dont pay child support.
DADs takes responsibility when dead beat mom leaves her kids.
by lloyd fink March 4, 2010
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1. A song by the finnish heavy metal band Children of Bodom.
2. A person that hurts themself because they drink to much.
I broke my ribs while jumping off stage last night, because I was wasted on Jack Daniels and Jägermeister. I'm such a living dead beat!
by soilwork October 21, 2007
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