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Dutty can mean dirty but by extension can also mean good or very nice. Normally used when refering to sex or such activities.
That gyal gives dutty head
by cadenza-urb July 9, 2021
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A person who adores a person or wishes to be a certain way, i.e. a roadman, to such extent that he will morph his social interactions and personality to appease that person. Normally disliked, although if morphed to a sufficient level, can pass of as their morph state being their true self, and there for an agreeable person. Will get defensive when called out for it. Synonym: chav
Person 1: Look at Eeshan, he's so fake.
Person 2: Ye, he acts so against his nature
Person 3: Thats 'cuz Eeshan is a rellower born and bred
by cadenza-urb December 2, 2021
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Used as an exclamatory remark, equivalent to a moan or Woah. Derives itself from Swedish, meaning the j is pronounced as a "y". Can be positive or negative in connotation.
Person 1: Oj Oj Oj, I've got so much work to do

Also Person 1, but at a later date: Oj, you nearly broke my 15th century Ming dynasty vase, it costs a shitload.

Person 1: Oj, I just won the lottery, I'm well happy.
by cadenza-urb December 2, 2021
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Assuming the worst is to come from a situation, with no evidence

Person who practises Guessimism is a guessimist
Person 1: There's a glass over there
Person 2: It's probably half empty huh
Person 1: You're such a guessimist/practice guessimism
by cadenza-urb January 6, 2022
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When one ejaculates. Usually used in conjunction with "Bust a". As opposed to "Bust a nut", "Bust a chutt" or "Chutt a Butt" is used when one needs to signify the breadth of ones ejaculation, or when one is enamored with what one has "busted a chutt" to
Bro, imma bust a chutt
Girl finna make me Chutt a butt
by cadenza-urb June 3, 2021
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Absolutely exquisite way to inform your peers of your self-defecation. Scottish people are more likely to use this sentence
Person 1: I poo'd myself
Person 2: Ew you're disgusting

Person 3: I shat meself
Person 4: Lets go to my place
by cadenza-urb December 20, 2021
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