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When a celebrity falls into a trap of trickery cleverly devised by Ashton Kuscher so that he can wave his arms around and make his retro john deere hat fall off while going into a seizure from the most recent punk.
You just got punk'd! I'm Ashton Kuscher! I have nothing better to do than sneek around in my trucker clothing and punk people! I'M AWESOME!
by bzak October 28, 2003
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Anything that is worn by an african american in the hood these days.
Shit man! Look at all these retros! They might as well call this store retrolocker. Word.
by bzak October 28, 2003
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One who is talented at the game of football yet dumb as a box of rox in other catagories.
Yo, he's the golden bear fo shizzle man, just wish he had some real brizzains.
by bzak October 06, 2003
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1.A plump person who reminds you of a cross between a fat man and the mammoth off of sesame street.
2.Warren Gavitt
Yo! Quit eatin' all my damn food you chubbaluffagus.
by bzak October 06, 2003
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A clique is a coalition whose members associate regularly with each other on the basis of affection and common interest, such as listening to Mike Jones and dunking 4 fun, and posses a marked sense of common identity. All members of a clique interact with one another, though there may be core members (Jmo, Nasty, Courtney, Laura), primary members (Nate, Billy), and secondary members (Craig).
Yo!? That clique that listens to Mike Jones and Dunks 4 Fun is off the heezy fo sheezy! Who is that longer haired neanderthal guy who is always hanging with the Mike Jones Clique?
by bzak April 28, 2005
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