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n. Dennis Lee is a legend in screamo. He is the lead singer of Alesana (www.myspace.com/alesana) note: Dennis Lee is NOT a friend of mine and I do not know him in anyway...
scene kid: did you go the the Alesana show yesterday?
emo kid: yeah, Dennis Lee was amazing.
by Brz pwns December 27, 2009

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the ultimate form of pwnage, awesomeness, etc.
Scene kid #1: did u go the the Alesana show last night?
Scene kid #2: yea, it was super duper awesome
by brz pwns December 28, 2009

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scene is an underground culture that sprang up from 'emo'.
A scene can be a male or female. Eyeliner, tight clothing, neon colored clothing, long bangs, odd hair (long on guys, long OR short on females, poofy hair), gun shot wound (back of hair is spiked), going to all the concerts/shows. Notes: not to be mistaken by EMO or a POSER. Curly hair is only on the ends of female hair, not on males! All most always a white kid.
Scene traits:
-neon colors
-local shows
-'scene' hair
-tight clothing
-female clothing (on guys)
-eyeliner (both male and females)
-a VERY SKINNY person
-heavy internet user
-the ability of typing/texting over 350 words per minute
-knowing who 'Dot Dot Curve' or 'Alesana' is.
-the guy/girl you see at the mall everyday
- rumors about he/she being gay/lesbain
- for more, fucking google it!

by Brz Pwns December 26, 2009

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The Memory erasing device Apple uses to avoid Protohypes.
Hey, man, I just got kicked out of Apple's HQ, and I have info on the ipad nano....
Thankfully I'm Immune to their Ican'tremember.
by brz pwns April 21, 2010

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When you get an Itunes gift card, but you don't have an Ipod.
Mom: Happy birthday son! Here's a $100 Itunes gift card!!
Son: But mom, I have a zune!!
Son: This is an Ihadafailedday.
by brz pwns April 16, 2010

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