23 definitions by brit

when someone named bill trys to stick his friend named bob in your asshole in an act of robbing you..this act works when u are a street corner hooker. it is also the act of being sexually intamite with two men named bob and bill
dude last night bob got stuck the fuck up cindys ass...i couldnt get him out and when i pulled him i left a shoe up there she'll be walking stiff till that shit falls out GGG
by brit April 26, 2003
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Used to describe something as being shit or gay or both.
That gaylord is undokken man
by Brit May 19, 2004
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One crazy ass chick who is hot
That chick is the one and only niz3n
by Brit January 13, 2005
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One of the best stores ever to go into malls! And all you people who dont like Abercrombie and Fitch are just jealous that you don't look as good as all the nice rich people in our nice clothes and all you do is smoke and get high and dyw your hair unreal hair colors.
rich girl: Lets go shopping!
rich friends: okay!
rich mom: heres your Abercrombie and Fitch credit card, have fun hun!
by brit January 15, 2005
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verb: to wank noun: wanker adj: wanky
1) someone who jerks off alot
2) someone who does stupid stuff eg falling asleep at the bar, or taking home someone who's so drunk that they then go an piss in the bed
3) term of endearment
4) term of abuse
1) damn! bill's been in his room for hours! he must be having a wank
2) hahahaaaa what a wanker!
3) you daft wanker...here, have a beer
4) tony blair is a complete wanker
by brit September 25, 2003
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aka reggin, gets rashes from everything, especially the TB, known for her winking and that evil smile, Mmm Bop leading keyboardist, and ultimate pole dancer.
last friday night, when i was five alivin it, i broke out into an mmbop jammin session, but all of a sudden, a large rash began to take over my body, so i ragan gibsoned it with my wink and smile and went down to the basement for a fun night filled of friends trivia.
by brit March 24, 2004
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"do you get what I am saying?"
person1: "ayo u get ma sizzle?"
person2: "ay fa sho!"
by brit May 30, 2004
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