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Term given to all Satellite Navigation devices designed for driving.

They are often lost, confused, incorrect and suggesting the user make a U-turn when possible. Examples include directing the user to turn left into a river, against traffic in a one-way system or directing HGVs down single-lane country roads, which has led to a new road sign being created to warn drivers to ignore their sat-nav.
Sat-Nav: "After 200 yards, turn right"

Passenger: "Dude, will you turn off your Shat-Nav, it's directing you into that river!"
by borntoboogie July 05, 2009
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How accurate one's aim is whilst on the shitter. Shatnavs do not work well in public toilets.
If you see skidmarks down the side of a toilet, the previous user's shatnav was poor.
by A black mann May 22, 2009
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A satellite navigation system (satnav) that is shit because it has old or bad maps and/or software. It may have addresses missing, tell you to take routes that are no longer possible due to road changes or take so long to recalculate routes that you've already missed the turning.
Sorry I'm late. My shatnav didn't know about the new one way system.
by Papfox March 10, 2009
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