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pro. pa-TEET-za. A small piece of pizza.
Mac: Who'd like a slice?
Mom: Not much for me - just a petitza.
by bob beeflips August 26, 2009
A verbal clash between male and female. Pronounced like the Spanish/Italian phrase "mano-a-mano."
T: Did you see Nicole and and Jared last night? I thought they were going to come to blows over Oregon versus Big Train chai.
B: Yep, that was epic mano-womano.
by bob beeflips October 19, 2009
Originally the battle cry raised when all three opponents in the card game hearts take points and you take none, the phrase used when you generally own everyone in a verbal argument.
Kukla: God cannot exist.
Fran: Obviously. An all-powerful God cannot be reconciled with an evil world.
Ollie: Two words: Free will.

(stunned silence) Death to my enemies!
by bob beeflips June 25, 2009
A joy-filled, active, fun-loving weekend. whee! weekend
Tony: So my girl and I skiied all day Saturday and rode the coasters all Sunday. And that's after the Friday night cruise around the bay.
Tina: Sounds like you had a wheee!kend.
by bob beeflips April 21, 2008
The ability for a guy to accurately aim his stream of pee without hitting the pee pond, thereby avoiding awkward splashing.
Guy: whew! I feel 10 pounds lighter.

Girl: what? What did you do?
Guy: took a giant piss.

Girl: I didn't hear a thing.

Guy: nothing but flush.
by bob beeflips September 11, 2014
1) From the film "The Social Network," meaning one does not sully one's esteemed status by stooping to the level of the hoi polloi.

2) Ironic/polite way of saying, "This is beneath me."
Example 1:
Tracy: Beef Jerky?
Tina: Not for a Gentleman of Harvard.
Example 2:

Tracy: Should we sue a squirrely little geek who stole our idea and is worth 25 billion?
Tina: Not for a Gentleman of Harvard.
by bob beeflips October 23, 2010
Unintentional wisdom found in the subject line of Spam.
Spam: True manhood is renewable at any age √ make sure yourself.
Bob: I think what that means is that I can decide each day to recreate myself as a real man.
Beeflips: Ah, I see you've been drinking from the deep well of spamdom.
by bob beeflips June 6, 2009