24 definitions by bob beeflips

A verbal clash between male and female. Pronounced like the Spanish/Italian phrase "mano-a-mano."
T: Did you see Nicole and and Jared last night? I thought they were going to come to blows over Oregon versus Big Train chai.
B: Yep, that was epic mano-womano.
by bob beeflips October 19, 2009
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A power nap taken on a plane, bus or train where you use your knees as pillows.
Tori was so tired on the flight to New Orleans that she took a lap nap.
by bob beeflips September 28, 2010
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noun, always capitalized.
fodder for writing or gossip, as in when someone does something so stupid/upsetting/wonderful, you can't wait to write/blog/twitter about it.
Pia: I can't believe your boyfriend dumped you for your best friend! What are you going to do?
Zadora: Turn him into Material.


Roberto: Did you see that? I can't believe he stood up on the chair and made a spectacle of himself in front of a live television audience!
Benigni: Material.
by bob beeflips August 23, 2009
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texting for "elementy". It's a feeling one gets when a site - bowling alley, bar, shopping center - is overwhelmed by "a certain element."
J: r u still @ Bowl-Hi?
T: Nah we left after youth bowling. its a little too LMNT for me
by bob beeflips March 27, 2010
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Something you say after swearing in polite company. A step up from "pardon my French."
This doctoral program is a complete cluster fuck, pardon my American.
Yes, your majesty, this realm of yours is filled with cuntadactyls and pig fuckers, pardon my American.
by bob beeflips January 22, 2018
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So far I have pawtographs for Lassie, Benji, Milo, Otis and the Taco Bell dog. The ultimate would be Frank the Pug from Men in Black.
by bob beeflips May 16, 2011
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