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An irony-proof phrase uttered by Abed on Community, denoting that something is so cool, it's "Who's the Boss" cool.
Prof. Sheffield: I have a wonderful idea. Why don't you teach the next class on "Who's the Boss" so that you can share your open mind with everyone in class.
Abed: Cool. Cool-cool-cool.
by bob beeflips April 19, 2011

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1) From the film "The Social Network," meaning one does not sully one's esteemed status by stooping to the level of the hoi polloi.

2) Ironic/polite way of saying, "This is beneath me."
Example 1:
Tracy: Beef Jerky?
Tina: Not for a Gentleman of Harvard.
Example 2:

Tracy: Should we sue a squirrely little geek who stole our idea and is worth 25 billion?
Tina: Not for a Gentleman of Harvard.
by bob beeflips October 23, 2010

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Originally the battle cry raised when all three opponents in the card game hearts take points and you take none, the phrase used when you generally own everyone in a verbal argument.
Kukla: God cannot exist.
Fran: Obviously. An all-powerful God cannot be reconciled with an evil world.
Ollie: Two words: Free will.

(stunned silence) Death to my enemies!
by bob beeflips June 25, 2009

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An animal's autograph.
So far I have pawtographs for Lassie, Benji, Milo, Otis and the Taco Bell dog. The ultimate would be Frank the Pug from Men in Black.
by bob beeflips May 16, 2011

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The act of pulling a single ear bud out, so that you can continue to listen to your music while starting a relatively unimportant conversation. Based on the Shakespeare quote, "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears."
T: Here comes that annoying JW.
B (listening to ipod): What?
T: Jesse White is coming. She's always talking about her stupid vegetarian phase.
B: I'm in the middle of "The Nazz," by Lord Buckley, but I guess I'll rent an ear.
by bob beeflips May 11, 2010

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A joy-filled, active, fun-loving weekend. whee! weekend
Tony: So my girl and I skiied all day Saturday and rode the coasters all Sunday. And that's after the Friday night cruise around the bay.
Tina: Sounds like you had a wheee!kend.
by bob beeflips April 21, 2008

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At any camp or sleepover involving junior high boys, the time after "lights out" to begin making farting noises, real or imitated.
The youth director is asleep - it's fart thirty!

(sleepy camper) What time is it?
(friend rips one)
(sleepy camper) Oh. It must be fart thirty! (responding in kind)
by bob beeflips November 16, 2011

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