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Adjective: 1. mildly insane

2. unpredictable and jumpy, often in a cowardly way

3. nutty; resembling a squirrel looking for nuts
I read about some squirrely guy, who claims, he just don't believe in fightin'.
And I wonder just how long, the rest of us can count on being free.

-Merle Haggard
by viciousvogel November 03, 2009
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The state of mind in which one feels energetic, crazy, and hyped. Often coupled with a temporary loss of sanity.
Guy #1: "Hey, what's up, guys?"

Squirrely Guy: "supbrowhat'sgoin'onsup!"

Guy #1: "What?"

Guy #2: "He's already a tad squirrely."
by StoopNut December 11, 2010
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A term often used to describe a very hyper, cheery, funny and cute girl. Mainly used in cheesey flirting.

Could also be used as a sexual suggestion.
Oh, love, your acting very squirrely!

Lets get squirrely!
by ROWR! July 03, 2009
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Breaking from the conventional definition of squirrely, due to the sickening speciesist undertones, squirrely shall now mean:

cool, great taste in music. Almost 3 thousand followers on twitter, even though you only follow, like, 45 people. Everybody likes you, and you make everybody laugh.
Person A: Have you met the new guy at work? The crazy, squirrely one?
Person B (not racist): By squirrely do you mean cool, great taste in music? the funny squirrel guy?
Person A: Hmm, now that I've heard you use squirrely in that way, I believe your definition of squirrely is correct. I apologise to any squirrels I may have offended or made disparaging remarks against in the past.
Person B: Let us pray together, my friend...
by ndrw August 03, 2012
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