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Defined in the english dictionary as a Pussy. This is the place where the males penis is USUALLY inserted
"arracate la popola mami, arracate la popola, te pica, arracate, arracate la popola" -- Roberto Vargas
by bksgre8st April 15, 2005
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a latino's favorite seasoning. Used to add flavor to anything you can set your mind to.
"these burgers need some flavor..pasame el adobo goya"
by bksgre8st March 31, 2005
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Also known as "cabeza". This word is used to describe a persons head. usually when there is abnormality involved.
Ese tipo tiene un caco-e-burro
by bksgre8st March 28, 2005
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A dominican military personnel who is feared by all. Always wears a black helmet and is respected by everyone because he doesnt need a reason to bust a cap on a nigga!
ahi vienen lo caco negro, a hui' se a dicho
by bksgre8st March 31, 2005
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A Word used to describe someone who is the shizzle. "El Cangri" meaning the man is equivalent to the dominican word Matatan
"Aqui llego el cangri"
by bksgre8st March 31, 2005
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a technique used to kill a chicken, which can very well work on a person who you dont like. Performed by holding the chickens wings up above its head, and then wacking it wit your first hard enough to kill it.
julio se puso de freco con migo el otro dia, ayer cuando lo vi le di un "mata pollo" que lo deje pataleando
by bksgre8st March 31, 2005
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Someone who has is of respect and everyone looks up to as being the man. Un tipo que se la sabe todo en la calle, pero seguramente no paso del noveno grado.
"Diablo loko, javier taba rapando con xiomara, y la mama lo agarro. Cuando ese tipo vio a la mama se volo del segundo piso y no se rompio ni un hueso"....."ese si e un MATATAN"
by bksgre8st March 31, 2005
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