1. (What archaeology should be) You've started your archaeology course. It's the first day, you have your hat, whip and designer stuble and are ready to go and kick ass. Everything is exciting, there are always nazi scum to shoot, imprisoned children to free and artefact s to "rescue". If you are an archaeologist you can also get laid easily.

2. What archaeology is :( . You're there, on your uni course, let's say in Exeter for example. Pen in hand. Peering around the lecture theatre at various other odd looking characters that look like they should never have been allowed to leave wales , sommerset or whatever random back country they escaped from. There's hours of looking at dendrochronology, pollen diagrams, and geophysical bull shit. (That's not the good kind of pollen either :( ) Archaeology causes insanity, a strong accent and excitement over broken ceramics .

Avoid at all costs. Unless you are already displaying archaeology symptoms, then you may well enjoy.
*queue theme music* Look at him killing all those nazi's! He must have done archaeology!

This week you will be looking at carbonised grain and what it can tell us about past cultures and how they farmed.
by Real Archaeologist August 10, 2005
The science of travelling around the world with a bullwhip and a fedora hat, ocasionally beating the everliving fuck out of some goddamn nazis!
by Le Saboteur June 1, 2005
"The science of uncovering past artifacts to analize and make inferences about the world of the past.
"In archaeology class, we uncovered a piece of Mayan pottery from a sample dig site and analyzed the Mayan culture from it.
by Sideshow Fred October 15, 2003
To dig up old facebook posts by liking or commenting, flooding people's facebook spaces with posts and statuses from five years ago or older. This practice is most successful when done to posts made before facebook likes were implemented, staking the archaeologists' claim.
"Oh man, my wall is filled with embarrassing prom photos. Looks like someone did some facebook archaeology last night."
by Forgaman December 2, 2014
bib-li-kuh | ahr-kee-ol-uh-jee

The guy who studies, you know, places that have to do with religion, like holy sites. Mostly like spots in Jerusalem, Middle East at different parts of the world where they claim that, you know, spots of Christ and places took place, you know, events. So, he's the guy that breaks that down and tries to, you know explain things, you know, tries to, you know, locate and really do more investigations and things.
Body, please explain what Biblical Archaeology to us.
by Ishtahal January 12, 2018
The act of trying to dig your car out from underneath a significant amount of snow from an overnight snow dump. Clearing away the snow slowly reveals more and more of the vehicle much the same way archaeologists brush away dirt to uncover things. Usually occurs whenever you are late for something important.
Hey boss I can't come in to work today I gotta do some serious Canadian Archaeology to even find my car let alone drive it.
by jay_P09 November 18, 2014