84 definition by ben dover

The feeling of drunkeness brought upon by lack of sleep or extreme tiredness.
Guy 1: "Fuck man, i'm sjozmot"
Guy 2: "Go to sleep, fuckwad."
Guy 1: "Man i'm so wasted"
by Ben Dover December 19, 2003

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geeze cant we all just get along . you like halo 2 . you like half life 2 . thier both video games not weapons of mass destruction.
wanna play halo life 3
by ben dover April 13, 2005

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One who is white but acts of the african american street culture and recieves verbal beatings from others who have no respect for this person because of the continuous acts of ignorance and desperation to become a race they are not.
Nic Tyler is a wigger, I hate him because he acts black but isn't.
by Ben Dover December 29, 2003

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penis bread
this is in spanish
by ben dover October 31, 2003

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1. flaccid

2. a way of walking after being boofed
1. Being limp doesn't matter if your the bitch anyway!

2. You'd limp too if you took on all 10 inches at once!!
by Ben Dover November 07, 2003

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Da illest music ever written by Outkast
I use to sell dope but in 1994 I made the southernplayalisticcadilacmuzic
by Ben Dover October 30, 2003

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best punk band ever
thats all i need to say
nofx is the shit
by ben dover September 28, 2003

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