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it iz da plural of nigga.
hey look at dem nigs.
by beep March 25, 2005

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Yes, a band, but used to mean terryifying, awe-inspiring, dwarfing. Scary, but a good kind of scary.
Seeing a tornado for real was sublime!
by beep April 23, 2005

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How you would respond to a question when you don't know the answer, but still don't want to seem stupid.
Person1: Yo, what was the answer to that last math problem?
Person2: (thinks for a while, unable to solve the problem)....your mother.
by beep April 02, 2005

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Spamming people`s computers and then offering them help to get rid of the spam messaging....Clever isn`t it?
I have an annoying pop up message in my PC it keeps comin
on to screen every 20 minutes and asking me to visit
www.endads.com ....................
by Beep July 26, 2003

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a good way of stopping somebody sayin sumfin u dont like
jodie: OmG- u r such a bitch ya no, goin off wiv my bf
Jade:Woteva jodie! at least he liked me
by beep March 26, 2005

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a huge penis
stop being a dorkus
by beep December 10, 2003

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Coolest furrie. Ever.
by Beep August 06, 2003

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