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People of an originally Arabian ethnicity widespread in the sandpits of the Middle East and North Africa. The term is sometimes pronounced A-rab (Ay-Rab), as used in Mark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn".

Ahab, Burkha Bitch, Camel Humper/Fucker, Camel Jockey, Desert Nigger, Dune Coon, Goatfucker, Habib, Islum, Jawa, Mudslim, Mudslime, Osama, Raghead, Raisin Head, Sand Monkey, Sand Nigger, Sandpeople, Suicide Bomber, Towelhead, Wrap Head... or any other term associated with the urine-scented slopeydopes who think of America as the Great Satan.
I hate cheap toilet paper. Sooner or later your finger is bound to poke through, and you end up wiping your ass like an Arab.
by BDA August 23, 2005
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Someone on the extreme edge of the political left who has long abandoned fact & logic in the pursuit of spewing their scocialist crapaganda. (ie Al Franken, Michael Moore, and Janeane Garafalo, to name but a few.) Ann Coulter is the absolute antithesis of a moonbat.
Al Gore is a raving moonbat in a suit.
by BDA August 09, 2004
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A sexy mothafucka! One who uses the word shit, damn, fuck, ass, rape a lot.
Damn!! is that bahaa?? He sure is a sexy mothafucka
by bda January 16, 2005
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A blend of crap and propaganda. The term is used to define the rumors, misinformation, and lies which are spread for the purpose of helping or injuring a person or institution... but are such blatant and utter pieces of crap, that the word 'propaganda' alone falls short of being an accurate classification.
'Fahrenheit 9/11' and 'Bowling for Columbine' are two deplorable pieces of crapaganda produced by the bloated socialist fucktard, Michael Moore.
by BDA August 10, 2004
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