75 definitions by batman

The position one is found in after suffering a fatality incured by finally reaching.
Dude, my aunt found my cousin lips on balls no sheezy.
by batman December 12, 2002
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A clothing store in which only rich kids, yuppies, preppies, pussies and posers shop at.
Look at that little bitch, trying to fit in by wearing all those preppy clothes. Lets beat his ass.
by Batman April 22, 2005
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Fuckin owned

Best lookin man on the planet
"look its the best looking man on the planet. Fuckin owned
by Batman March 15, 2005
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what them british people call cars
Englishman: wot wot ol' bean, how about we go for a ride in my motor buggie?
by batman December 03, 2003
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1.(verb) to pwn, and also to gain legal custody of.
2. being sonned
1. I want to son you, so I can take you to school.
2. to son or not to son?
by Batman February 21, 2003
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when a persons eye is shaped like a mans japs eye
shut you webb eyed cunt
by batman March 05, 2004
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A bloke with an enormous penis which he is able to swing over his shoulder. See also see www.tallywacker.co.uk
Man, look at the tallywacker on him - im gonna go jump off a cliff
by Batman September 05, 2003
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