n. a person who can't afford the whole word "poor" so he's "po". May suffer from extreme Dislexia and has trouble distinguishing between his elbow and his penis. May be seen rubbing his elbow furiously in public.

v. to fail at everything in life
Haven't you ever seen a Mike Fromm living in a box?
by Batman March 5, 2003
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the most amazing, un-creeperish girl you could ever meet who is way better than stupid creeperish boys like Caleb Martin.
Chelley Fromm thought Caleb Martin was a creeper. And he was.
by chelley fromm September 9, 2008
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retard that kills chickmunks......and is a squirl shaver....and has no dick at all!!!
wow you so nick fromm you shaved that squirl
by teacher at school2 March 9, 2010
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The most perfect girl ever! If you ever get a chance to see a Riley Fromm, you should be as nice as possible! She is the nicest, sexiest, horniest, strongest, softest, Athletic, just the most perfect girl ever! She is like an angel from heaven! She also has a nice ass! It's not too big but, it's nice and bouncy! Every guy wants to date a Riley Fromm! When ever she walks into a room all the heads turn!
Guy 1: "damn who is that!"
Guy 2: " That's the new girl Riley Fromm "

Guy 1 and 3: "... she perfect!!🤤"
by SamanthaMay January 1, 2017
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Fromm's Law states that if two entities are competing for customers--ceteris paribus--consumers will choose the option that allows them to wear the least pants.
I know Amazon is opening up all these brick and mortar bookstores, but Fromm's Law makes me think that most people are just going to stay home in their underwear and shop Amazon.com.
by idiedforursins February 4, 2016
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When you want to get out of itchy clothes. Slip into a little Fromme Paye, your tshirt with no tags,something soft , comfortable. Opposite of itchy.
I just want to go home and put on my Fromme Paye and watch tv
by rappymcrapperson April 5, 2022
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