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n. When two people have a friendship involving casual intimate encounters usually of a sexual nature. Typically, the pair have regular romps without any heavy strings attached. The two people scrump and hump without obligation to be more than casual intimate friends.
My fuck friend is uncanny. He is the bomb and I love it when he explodes in my pussy.
by Barry Flomar January 17, 2004

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The soreness one feels after having vigorous and powerful sex. The muscles in and around the vulva are tired and sore from contracting and being worked by a very strong penis.
She had a hard time walking and sitting without feeling the incredible pussyache she acquired from the sensational scrump last evening. She didn't mind...
by Barry Flomar January 26, 2004

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n. breasts characterized by their firm and taut appearance and feel. Usually on the smaller side, nice to grab, however, not very bouncy.
Dude...she was hot! I liked her tight little body and I even liked her cute little muscle tits!
by Barry Flomar January 22, 2004

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n. derived from the Greek word Satyriasis which means uncontrollable sexual desire in a male. Comparable to the female nymphomaniac. The differance being when a female is a nympho she is a slut or a loose woman. When a male is a saty he is merely a player or a gigolo. It does not usually have the same negative connotation as nympho does.
My guy is one fine saty.
by Barry Flomar January 17, 2004

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When a female inadvertently swallows male ejaculate in a way that it "goes down the wrong pipe" and produces a cough.
His spload was so forceful and deep in her throat as she swallowed that she was caught off guard. The tickle in her throat was too much and she produced a cum cough. They both died laughing!!!
by Barry Flomar January 23, 2004

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The act of being brought to orgasm while operating a moving motor vehicle. Usually involves female performing oral sex on male while male is driving. WARNING: This is not to be tried by the inexperienced driver/orgasmer.
She trusted his driving and climax control enough to give him a moving cargasm.
by Barry Flomar February 18, 2004

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adj. Term used to describe a person who is able to have more than one and sometimes several orgasms in one sexual session.
In a word...Paula!
by Barry Flomar January 17, 2004

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