4 definitions by baronkgc

Airplane flights and hotel stays in the cheapest possible way to maximize the number of trips and lengths of stays abroad.
You can keep your First and Business, I can go there three times for the same miles in Neth Class.
by baronkgc March 17, 2019
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The amount of time it takes when you look at a girl and wonder if she's pregnant, or just fat.
I had a long Pregnant Pause on Joanie because her top is so loose.
by baronkgc May 23, 2017
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Women aged 25-34, the new power group in business, the opposite of The Old Boys Network.
At least your boss is not full on Peep Toe Mafia.
by baronkgc August 4, 2015
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Women 25-34. The new power structure in the workplace. The opposite of The Old Boys Network.
You need to find a mentor in the Peep Toe Mafia if you want that job.
by baronkgc August 29, 2015
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