4 definitions by barlow

(fuk-sos) n.

1. Liquid that comes out of the penis when a male ejaculates. (semen)
2. The lubrication that is produced by a woman's vagina when she is sexually aroused.
3. A derogatory term for an stupid person. (see synonyms moron, idiot, blockhead, dumbass, dipshit, retard, etc.)
I sprayed my fucksauce all over her face last night! It was hot!

Rachel makes some good fucksauce when she's horny!

Dude, that Steve kid is such a fucksauce.
by barlow March 13, 2006
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Lil' Jon's new album is going to be called this it comes out in the autumn
by barlow April 4, 2006
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(fuk-wAst) n.

1. Liquid that comes out of the penis when a male ejaculates. (semen)
More precisely, however, it is the residue left inside of a condom after someone is done having sex.
ie: Any leftover cum that is not used for the specific purpose of inducing pregnancy.
The term is derived from "wasted fuck", because the semen was not used for its primal purpose of making a baby.

2. A derogatory term for a jerk or a stupid person. (see synonyms douche, idiot, jackass, asshole, moron, worthless, etc.)
This indicates uselessness, because as you can tell from defenition number 1, "fuckwaste" is something that has no point in being there, so this easily translates into an insult.
Haha I just threw my used condom onto Billy's head, and now he's got my fuckwaste all over his hair!

I just masturbated, now I gotta wash off all this fuckwaste from my hands and pants.

Did you see that fuckwaste lunch lady? She only gave me half a serving of french fries!

You're adopted and your parents don't love you, you fuckwaste!
by barlow March 13, 2006
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The short version of "Dude I totally understand, I mean I would do the same thing if I was a pussy"
You use it when someone is being a little bitch and won't do anything fun.
Little Bitch: "No, i couldn't ask her out"
Other Guy: "That's alright I Totally Understand"
by barlow March 14, 2006
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