(fuk-wAst) n.

1. Liquid that comes out of the penis when a male ejaculates. (semen)
More precisely, however, it is the residue left inside of a condom after someone is done having sex.
ie: Any leftover cum that is not used for the specific purpose of inducing pregnancy.
The term is derived from "wasted fuck", because the semen was not used for its primal purpose of making a baby.

2. A derogatory term for a jerk or a stupid person. (see synonyms douche, idiot, jackass, asshole, moron, worthless, etc.)
This indicates uselessness, because as you can tell from defenition number 1, "fuckwaste" is something that has no point in being there, so this easily translates into an insult.
Haha I just threw my used condom onto Billy's head, and now he's got my fuckwaste all over his hair!

I just masturbated, now I gotta wash off all this fuckwaste from my hands and pants.

Did you see that fuckwaste lunch lady? She only gave me half a serving of french fries!

You're adopted and your parents don't love you, you fuckwaste!
by Barlow March 13, 2006
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A waste of sperm and egg who should have been aborted when their parents had the chance. Most notably an asshole redneck who likes to fuck with people because they look or act different from themselves.
Redneck: Hey faggot, what's with your clothes and hair color? I oughta beat you up fer lookin' like that!!
Non-Redneck: Hey fuckwaste, do the world a favor and shoot yourself!
by Venishka December 10, 2004
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1)n./the leftover sludge that neither impregnates nor lubricates during vigorous sex.
2)n./a complete and utter waste of either time, money, or resources of any kind.
3)v./the act of killing any living creature by means of violent intercourse.
4)n./a completely useless person.
1) "yeah, the sex was great, but we created alot of fuckwaste in that ten minutes."
2) "facebook is such a fuckwaste of time."
3) "keep pissing me off, I'll fuckwaste your bony ass."
4) "I can't believe this tool is my boss, he's such a fuckwaste."
by wrdshttr July 13, 2010
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