4 definitions by badbby42

A girl who flirts like no other, especially with boys in their chem classes. They love boys who have anything to do with film and cinema and live within their own towns. She especially adores those boys who have initials with the first three letters of the alphabet in them – though not in order. She is a majestic creature who you can often find to spill the tea. While some may perceive her as a wiley snake, she is truly an angel of this earth.
"hey do u know abby"
"omg yeah she flirts with that guy in my chem class!"
by badbby42 November 29, 2018
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a person who ties up their sweatshirt strings and sinks themselfs into a pile of pillows and blankets while crunching on some chips and binge watching netflix all weekend
"what did you do all weekend"
"i was being a potato"
by badbby42 November 28, 2018
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when your confused but like not rlly but u r but ur clueless but u definetly missed something
"and that's how the world was made."
by badbby42 November 28, 2018
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