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a very very good album
I've had a shit day, I think I'll go listen to Amnesiac.
by arsia September 05, 2003

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the sexiest word a woman can say. seriously. get her to mouth it to you....

oooh yes oooh yes say it again baby say it again....

by arsia June 20, 2003

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don't you guys know anything?
pull means to kiss someone, to french kiss someone, to snog them, to make out, play tonsil hockey, to neck with someone, to swap spit.. etc. i could go on but i think you get the point.
Betty, Mary Sue, Cameron, Drew, Lucy, Natalie, Tom, Colin, John. I pulled them ALL last night.
by arsia August 13, 2003

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a squeaky clean enguine. hehehehehe
dude check out that lump!
by arsia June 19, 2003

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