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Anyone that can eat and eat and does not seen to gain any weight.
Look at Ralf pack the food away. I think he has a hollow leg.
by arelpee May 15, 2006

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What a person in authority does or says to another person to get the desired results.
I had to go to court yesterday and the Judge put the fear of God into me.
by arelpee May 15, 2010

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A medical condition where one is unable to get a hard on. It is sometimes known as ED or Dead Dick Syndrome aka DDS. Usually treated with Viagra or Cialis.
My doctor says I have Dead Dick Syndrome. He gave me some Viagra.
by arelpee June 07, 2009

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What yoy say to someone you haven't seen in a very long time.
Hey Ralf where ya been, I haven't seen ya in a month of Sunday's.
by arelpee October 29, 2006

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Getting screwed by your manager. To take it in the shorts.
Ralf got the green wienie again. When will he ever learn.
by arelpee May 12, 2006

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You are constipated and finally get that last hard piece of shit to come out. This followed by a bad case of diarrhea.
When ever I blow the cork out I always get the run afterward.
by arelpee May 16, 2006

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