34 definition by april

One of those expressions white people just should not say. Use of this term by white people generally results in making them look extremely dorky.
(random blog closing)

OMG, did you see Constantine on American Idol last night? He was so hot!
Well, see yall later.
by April March 24, 2005

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sweet young long smooth boner
Damn boy u got ur self a sylsb
by April January 14, 2004

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1.) Verb. The act of potching. Past tense: poched.
2.) Noun. Poop.
1.) "Your dog just potched all over our backyard. I hope you're going to clean it up!"

2.) "I don't want to have to clean up all the potch that's sitting in my little brother's diaper."
by April June 12, 2003

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stupid idiot hat dont know nothin.
dummy that needs to get a life and quit messing wit me
by april February 28, 2005

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Really cool.
Your car is really strap, man.
by April December 09, 2003

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Hereford High's sports teams are full of cheaters. If they arent winning they find a way to cheat. They have nothing else to do out there besides milk cows thats why they are good at sports.
like having "trouble" with the clock...
amongest other things
by April April 06, 2005

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