34 definitions by April

a) make money doing something slightly shady
b) dance from the 70's
i hustled during college- not in the way you think.

do the hustle
by April November 15, 2003
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baby mamas sister, fat aunt jama,...etc
by April June 28, 2003
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Young girls that have three ways with couples (woman and a man)
Hubbie and I are still looking for our Unicorn..
by April February 16, 2004
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A lubricant used for intercourse. Also, something that was already slick, but has a newly added quality of slickness to it.
"I was unable to hit dat ass properly, so I grabbed the slickety for a little extra help."
by April November 17, 2003
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crush; A guy/girl that you are crushing on, but you don't want to like that person. So you want to have the fub ended right away.
Tyson is Tori's fub, but he is a preppy jock who is an A**-hole.
by April March 18, 2004
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dummy that needs to get a life and quit messing wit me
by April February 28, 2005
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