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a) make money doing something slightly shady
b) dance from the 70's
i hustled during college- not in the way you think.

do the hustle
by april November 14, 2003

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a good thing to smile is. makes everyone much happier. ^_^
by April June 07, 2003

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derived from a month, used by parents who lacked creativity at the time of their daughters arrival
'gee, i just gave birth, what month is it again?... April you say..'
by April August 03, 2004

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(note the caps)
if you have not seen this movie you will not have lived a fullfilled life.
'sue me sue me'
'the snozzberries taste like snozzberries'
'your freaking out... MAN'
by April August 03, 2004

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Cum, semen, sperm, man-juice, penis nectar, spooge, man-milk, spunk. The ejaculatory secretion of a penis.
"Jason jacked of on me and now I've got gizz all through my hair."
by April December 07, 2003

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singer, songwriter, movie makier, surfer
Makes beautiful musisc that has touched many hearts
'Cocoon' will be played at my funeral.
'jack johnson is fucking brilliant'
by April August 03, 2004

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1.)Lead singer in Papa Roach
3.)April's other bitch
1.)Jacoby Shaddix has a helluva voice.
2.)Some bitch touched Jacoby Shaddix and April beat her with her stick of death.
by April December 22, 2004

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