34 definitions by April

Someone who obviously can't spell terrorist correctly. There's only two 'r's, not three, you morons.
Marsha lost the spelling bee because she was too retarded to realize that the word "terrorist" is spelled with two 'r's instead of three.
by April February 27, 2004
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derived from a month, used by parents who lacked creativity at the time of their daughters arrival
'gee, i just gave birth, what month is it again?... April you say..'
by April August 3, 2004
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A loser who is attracted to Canadians. Has moved up to internet "dating" vezzy with her damaged vagina due to a kid being shoved thru it. Wants to be step-dad and diddle the kid when its old enough.
Tomx wanted to bang April, but settled for the loser, Vezzy.
by April September 23, 2004
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a good thing to smile is. makes everyone much happier. ^_^
by April June 7, 2003
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A ball made of snot. Usually rolled between the fingers until a spherical shape.
Rick picked his nose and rolled a snotball to throw at Misty.
by April December 7, 2003
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male version of the brazilian wax, involving hair being waxed off the man's balls, butt crack, butt cheeks and pubic region
Aaron got a sunga yesterday and he still hasn't stopped crying from pain
by April November 18, 2004
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